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Tooth extraction

The removal of wisdom teeth should be approached wisely, assessing all the pros and cons. We believe that the removal of the third molars should be carried out according to indications.  If you keep high-quality oral hygiene, your wisdom tooth is healthy, has erupted correctly and doesn’t cause discomfort, it should not be removed.

Indications for removal

  • The distant location of the wisdom tooth, creating conditions for the development of caries
  • Buccal eruption of the wisdom tooth, causing injury to the cheek mucosa
  • Gum inflammation in the wisdom tooth area (pericoronaritis)
  • Pulpitis or periodontitis, basal cyst
  • The wrong position, difficult eruption of wisdom teeth, causing malocclusion, discomfort
  • In the direction before orthodontic treatment

How is the wisdom tooth extraction performed in the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

At the consultation before tooth extraction we perform an X-ray diagnosis which is demonstrating the location of wisdom teeth, including those that have not erupted, the presence of inflammatory processes, hidden diseases, etc.

Based on the examination and clinical picture, the dentist decides whether to remove the tooth and chooses the method of its removal.

Simple wisdom tooth extraction

If the wisdom tooth is cut and in the correct position in the dentition, a simple removal of the diseased wisdom tooth is performed. The removal process takes no more than 20 minutes. After the anesthesia procedure the surgeon extracts the wisdom tooth. If necessary a procedure for suturing soft tissues is performed.

Complex wisdom tooth extraction

The surgeon has to apply a complex removal of the wisdom tooth in case of curved roots, severe destruction, incorrect location of the tooth (the tooth is dystopian, with incomplete eruption) or when the tooth is semi-latinized or completely retinated (not erupted at all). A complex removal can take from half an hour to an hour.

The operation of wisdom tooth extraction is performed under anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision to open access to the tooth and performs extraction using a surgical device. In some cases a tooth needs to be sawn but this should not be a cause for concern, since the removal process will be less traumatic than extracting a massive wisdom tooth entirely. The operation is completed by suturing which can be removed 8-12 days after removal.

Specialist Consultation: prosthodontist, surgeon-implantologist, dental therapist, orthodontist2 000 rubles
Permanent tooth extraction6 000 rubles
Extraction of a retinated, dystopian or overcomplicated tooth12 500 rubles - 17 500 rubles


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