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Recession coverage

The contour of the gum is an important component of a smile. In professional slang the type of gum is called «pink aesthetics», which along with the «white aesthetics» of teeth is an integral part of a harmonious smile.

Indications for treatment

  • Exposing the necks of teeth
  • Lack of soft tissues in the area of implantation

Recession (loss) of the gum is a pathological change in the gingival tissue leading to the exposure of part of the tooth root.

Recession causes not only an aesthetic defect, it is often the cause of increased sensitivity of teeth to hot, cold, soreness when brushing teeth, tooth root caries, tooth mobility and its possible loss in the future. In addition to the aesthetic function soft tissues also affect the functionality of teeth: a deficiency of soft tissues can affect the stability of the implant and its engraftment.

Causes of tooth recession

  • Injuries of various origins:
  • Wearing a piercing
  • An aggressive technique of brushing teeth with a toothbrush, which is accompanied by a decrease in the hard tissues of the tooth in the cervical part of the tooth.
  • Incorrect flossing technique
  • Traumatic occlusion due to malocclusion and prolonged neglect as well as improper installation of orthodontic devices to correct the bite
  • The bacterial origin of the recession caused by a bacterial accumulation of plaque on the surface of the teeth causing a load on soft tissues, the formation of pockets exposing the neck and root of the tooth
  • Viral origin of recessions, in particular, caused by the herpes simplex virus

The danger of exposing the necks of the tooth with prolonged ignoring of these changes and lack of treatment is leading to possible loss of teeth.

Treatment of gum recession should begin with eliminating the cause of its appearance. Unfortunately, it is ineffective to restore the gums without eliminating the causes of the recession. After eliminating the causes of the recession, it is possible to begin its surgical treatment by closing the exposed area with an operation.

Soft tissue plastic surgery involves the transplantation of a connective tissue graft taken from the patient’s oral cavity.

The surgeon performs the operation under anesthesia so it is painless.

Specialist Consultation: prosthodontist, surgeon-implantologist, dental therapist, orthodontist2 000 rubles
Gingivoplasty, elimination of gum recession in the area of one tooth22 500 rubles


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