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Laser dentistry

A magic ray that completely changes the idea of dental treatment.

Laser is a unique tool that allows you to solve problems of the oral cavity at the cellular level.

Laser treatment has no contraindications and doesn’t cause complications, it is painless and makes it possible to carry out part of surgical interventions without anesthesia, which is especially important for pregnant women, children, people suffering from allergies.

The Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry has the latest innovative лазерным оборудованием which allows to carry out a wide range of therapeutic and preventive measures.


Laser application areas:

Oral surgery

it is used during all surgical operations on the soft tissues of the oral cavity: correction of the contour of the gum, plastic frenulum of the tongue, lips, surgical lengthening of the tooth crown, removal of neoplasms, excision of the hood over the wisdom tooth, excision of hidden teeth, implant exposure, removal of abscess.


it is used for root canal sterilization


it is used in the treatment of periodontal pockets, for the formation of gums, in the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontitis, peri-implantitis and gingivitis

Professional oral hygiene

it is used when removing tartar from the teeth surface


it is used for enamel whitening (up to 8 tones) in just one session


Advantages of laser treatment:

High efficiency: High antibacterial effect and anti-inflammatory effect

Safety: sterility during treatment

Precision: more precise and subtle intervention, the laser affects only damaged tissues and doesn’t affect healthy areas.

Comfort and gentle impact: the use of a laser allows to perform surgical interventions without scalpel. No pain and minimal risk of bleeding as the laser beam gently removes the damaged areas and seals the vessels.

Rapid healing: recovery after procedures is much faster and more comfortable.

Excellent aesthetic effect: no seams and scar tissue. The laser seals the edges of wounds.

Versatility. The laser can be used for dental treatment of children, pregnant women and even during breastfeeding.


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