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Immediate Tooth Replacement

Most people are afraid to treat their teeth. That is why modern dentistry is developing in the direction that the patient spends in the dentist’s chair as little time as possible and at the same time with maximum efficiency.

The method of Immediate Tooth Replacement or Same Day Dental Implants reduces the time of treatment and the number of visits to the dentist. According to this method the implant is installed immediately after the removal of the destroyed tooth.

According to the delayed method of implantation, the doctor removes the tooth and then after the period of 2-3 months the implant is placed.

Immediate Tooth Replacement reduces the treatment time, because after 4-6 months you get a permanent crown with support on the implant.


  • A badly damaged tooth with the inability to restore
  • Complete or partial tooth loss due to neglected caries, other dental diseases
  • Chronic periodontitis

Advantages of Immediate Tooth Replacement

  • It is easier for the patient to tolerate because the implant is installed on the day of tooth extraction: one anesthesia and surgery instead of two
  • The final cost of Immediate Tooth Replacement is less than with the delayed two-stage protocol, besides bone grafting is most often not required
  • The aesthetics of the dentition and the natural contour of the gum are preserved
  • The minimal risk of complications and the risk of infection is minimized, since the operation takes place without incisions and stitches
  • Bone tissue does not atrophy
  • There is no malocclusion because the teeth do not shift towards the missing

Why us?


One of the most experienced and progressive specialists in the field of rehabilitation of patients with adentia. We practice microsurgical techniques using multiple magnification to achieve minimal injury and rapid tissue healing after implant placement.

Quality and durability

We use only certified and original implants from the world’s best manufacturers with a lifetime warranty

Nobel, Astra Tech (Sweden)
Straumann (Switzerland)
Trabecular implants Zimmer (USA)
Bego Semados (Germany)

High aesthetics and full restoration of function

Natural shape and color of teeth and gums, complete restoration of chewing function with lifelong operation

Complete diagnostics without leaving the clinic: three-dimensional examination of the jaws of the teeth on a modern computed tomograph, screening of the oral cavity using the Diagnocat system, comprehensive consultation of doctors of different specializations when making a diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan with a predictable successful result.

Implantation without pain and stress

We use modern and safe methods of anesthesia that do not cause harm to health

Possibility of step-by-step payment and installments

We practice various implantation technologies: two-stage, one-stage, with immediate loading.

Dental implantation (Bego Semados)50 000 rubles
Dental implantation (Straumann, Nobel, Astra)90 000 rubles
Dental implantation (Zimmer trabecular dental implant)from 120 000 rubles


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