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Complex implantation in the complete absence of teeth according to the Swiss All-on-4 and All-on-6 technology

In the classic treatment of adentia, implantation of implants on each missing tooth is an expensive and traumatic intervention, such a treatment option is not always suitable in particularly difficult cases. For the rehabilitation of patients with complete absence of teeth, specialists have developed special implantation systems — All-on-4 and All-on-6.

With this technique, you do not need to install an implant on each missing unit — 4 or 6 implants are installed on the upper and lower jaws to fully restore your smile.

2-3 hours after the operation, you will be fitted with a temporary bridge prosthesis, which you can immediately chew.



  • Complete absence of teeth
  • Inability to restore lost teeth with single implants
  • Unwillingness to wear a removable prosthesis
  • A large number of loose, destroyed, caries-affected teeth.

Advantages of dental implantation according to the All-on-4/6 system


  • Suitable in case of complete loss of teeth
  • The patient doesn’t remain without teeth for a single day
  • The regression of bone tissue is reduced and a more uniform load on the jaw is provided
  • The patient gets rid of the need to wear an uncomfortable removable prosthesis, getting a long–term, natural and aesthetic result — new teeth and a pronounced anti-age effect
  • High percentage of implant survival;
  • The opportunity to significantly save money, since with the complete loss of teeth, replacing each implant is expensive and more time-consuming
  • Does not require bone grafting


Why us?


The implantation is performed by a highly qualified implantologist who has been trained directly by the developers of the All-on-4/6 technique — the Nobel Biocare company.

We practice microsurgical techniques using multiple magnification to achieve minimal injury and rapid tissue healing after implant placement.

99% engraftability of implants installed in the clinic

Quality and durability

For implantation we use certified and original implants from Nobel Biocare (the developer of the All-on-4 system) and Astra Tech.

Aesthetics and full restoration of function

A long–term, natural and aesthetic result — a non-removable prosthesis repeats the natural shape and color of teeth and gums, completely restores the chewing function.

Complete diagnostics and planning without leaving the clinic: three-dimensional examination of the jaws of the teeth on a modern computed tomograph, screening of the oral cavity using the Diagnocat system, comprehensive consultation of doctors of different specializations when making a diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan with a predictable successful result.

Implantation without pain and stress

We use modern and safe methods of anesthesia that do not cause harm to health

Possibility of step-by-step payment and installments


Advantages of All-4/6 comparing to removable dentures

  • You get a ready-made prosthesis on the day of surgery;
  • You can chew any food, even meat;
  • The prosthesis does not need relocation, it serves for many years;
  • The prosthesis does not fall off when talking and eating;
  • Does not reduce the perception of the taste of food;
  • If the prosthesis breaks, it will be easy to make a new one for the same implants;
  • Does not cause discomfort during wearing
  • Short treatment periods
All-on-4 (surgical stage with the installation of 4 implants)490 000 rubles
All-on-6 (surgical stage with the installation of 6 implants)650 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-4", for 1 jaw235 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-6", for 1 jaw305 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (metal composite construction), 1 jaw550 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (titanium beam and zirconium dioxide covered with ceramics), 1 jaw1 050 000 rubles


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