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Dental implantation according to international quality standards using the latest generation of implants

Nature has given man only two generations of teeth: the first generation of teeth falls out, and the second begins to deteriorate since adolescence, often accompanied by cases of tooth loss due to diseases and injuries. However, thanks to dental implantation, tooth loss is no longer an unsolvable problem. Implantation is exactly the dental service that can give you the third generation of teeth.

The essence of the procedure consists in implanting a pin into the patient’s jaw, replacing the root of the tooth with subsequent prosthetics with a crown.

The implant not only recreates the lost tooth, it also plays an important role in the preservation of bone tissue.

Like the natural root of a tooth, the implant maintains the bone tissue in tone, ensuring the correct balance of the entire dental system.


Why us?


One of the most experienced and progressive specialists in the field of rehabilitation of patients with adentia. We practice microsurgical techniques using multiple magnification to achieve minimal injury and rapid tissue healing after implant placement.

Quality and durability

We use only certified and original implants from the world’s best manufacturers with a lifetime warranty

Nobel, Astra Tech (Sweden)
Straumann (Switzerland)
Trabecular implants Zimmer (USA)
Bego Semados (Germany)

High aesthetics and full restoration of function

Natural shape and color of teeth and gums, complete restoration of chewing function with lifelong operation

Complete diagnostics without leaving the clinic: three-dimensional examination of the jaws of the teeth on a modern computed tomograph, screening of the oral cavity using the Diagnocat system, comprehensive consultation of doctors of different specializations when making a diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan with a predictable successful result.

Implantation without pain and stress

We use modern and safe methods of anesthesia that do not cause harm to health

Possibility of step-by-step payment and installments

We practice various implantation technologies: two-stage, one-stage, with immediate loading.

Indications for implantation

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Looseness and loss of teeth
  • Inability to wear removable dentures
  • Diseases and pathological conditions in which there is no or it is impossible to preserve the entire tooth
  • Inability to install permanent prostheses

Implantation techniques

  • One-stage implantation (installation of a temporary prosthesis on the implant is possible within a few days after surgery)
  • Delayed Load Two-Stage Implant (the prosthesis is made in a few months) Delayed implantation is prescribed 3-6 months after tooth extraction after complete bone reconstruction
  • All-on-4 Dental Implants or ‘Same Day Teeth’ — the following method allows restore all teeth with fewer implants in case you have lost all your teeth
  • Immediate Tooth Replacement (implant can be placed on the same day as tooth removal)


In most cases, the Dental Implant placement is extremely quick and practically pain free. The surgical implantation process takes about 20-30 minutes. With the correct implementation of all the recommendations of the doctor, the patient can already do work, study and return to his usual rhythm of life the next day.

Throughout your treatment, you will receive the highest standards of oral care. We ensure the patient is at the heart of what we do and thus, work to ensure complete satisfaction and comfort throughout the treatment process.


Sinus lift (bone grafting, osteoplasty) with medical consumables80 000 rubles - 110 000 rubles
Dental implantation (Bego Semados)50 000 rubles
Dental implantation (Straumann, Nobel, Astra)90 000 rubles
Dental implantation (Zimmer trabecular dental implant)from 120 000 rubles
Bone augmentationfrom 67 500 rubles
All-on-4 (surgical stage with the installation of 4 implants)490 000 rubles
All-on-6 (surgical stage with the installation of 6 implants)650 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage All-on-4, for 1 jaw235 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage All-on-6, for 1 jaw305 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (metal composite construction), 1 jaw550 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (titanium beam and zirconium dioxide covered with ceramics), 1 jaw1 050 000 rubles


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