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Professional hygiene Vector

Speed, painlessness and efficiency are the main characteristics of the procedure using the Vector device.

The principle of the device operation is based on the use of an ultrasonic wave, which in combination with a special suspension containing hydroxyapatite, penetrates deeply under the gum, cleans the root of the tooth from dental deposits, removes subgingival and supergingival deposits of tartar, microbial flora, washes out endotoxins, gently polishes the surface of the root and prevents the re-formation of tartar.

Professional hygiene using the Vector device is not just cleaning your teeth, it is practically a treatment and an excellent method of preventing periodontitis. In many cases, this procedure can even serve as an alternative to surgical treatment.




  • Inflammation, bleeding gums
  • Teeth looseness
  • Exposure of the tooth neck
  • Bad breath
  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases: gingivitis, periodontitis, pereimplantitis
  • For the prevention of gum diseases
  • Preventive oral hygiene in the presence of ceramic and aesthetic restorations in the mouth, orthopedic structures based on implants


Advantages of professional hygiene Vector


  • Vector cleaning is less traumatic due to the direction of the nozzle movement of the device and the liquid that is used for cleaning
  • Cleaning with the Vector device is recommended for patients with crowns and implants: there is no risk of scratching their surface with it
  • Painless therapy so there is no need to use anesthesia (relevant for patients with particularly sensitive enamel)
  • Cleaning the root surface to the bottom of the periodontal pocket
  • No damage to the soft tissues (gums) and the surface of the tooth root
  • Cleaning teeth below the gum level
  • Bleeding gums decreases
  • Reduced mobility of teeth
  • Gentle removal of biofilm, bacteria and tartar
Professional hygiene according to the Swiss GBT protocol9 500 rubles - 15 000 rubles
Ultrasound treatment of the periodontal pocket in 1 tooth area, or the implant using the Vector device1 000 rubles


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