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Professional hygiene according to the swiss GBT protocol

A unique program of care for your teeth!

Professional oral hygiene in our clinic is carried out according to the Swiss protocol GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy).

GBT Professional Hygiene is the most modern and effective method of plaque removal and biofilm removal, gentle on tooth enamel, comfortable and painless for the patient.

The professional hygiene protocol was developed in collaboration with universities and world leading dentists and is based on more than 30 years of experience in clinical application, development and improvement of technical tools.

Professional hygiene technology is also suitable for patients with ceramic restorations, veneers, implants, braces and for patients with enamel hypersensitivity.







  • As a preventive measure every six months
  • Tartar formation, soft plaque and lack of smoothness of teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Inflammation and bleeding of the gums
  • Preparation for therapeutic, prosthodontic, surgical and orthodontic treatment
  • Preparing for a teeth whitening procedure

Features of professional hygiene in

the Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic

1. Professional hygiene is carried out by certified specialists with extensive experience.

2. We individually select the method, means and materials, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s oral cavity (increased tooth sensitivity, inflammatory diseases of periodontal tissues, the presence of installed implants, etc.).

3. We clean as carefully as possible, work with pauses, use water heating with AirFlow. This approach makes the procedure absolutely comfortable even for patients with high enamel sensitivity.

4. When removing dental deposits, we use a special powder based on microscopic particles of erythritol, which does not damage the surface of the enamel.

5. To work in the implantation zone, we use special nozzles that do not damage its surface during occupational hygiene.

6. Patients with braces do not need to remove the elements of orthodontic construction. The method guarantees 100% access around the braces without the need to remove wires, brackets and elastic bands.

7. For polishing, we use the most gentle strengthening powders. Well-polished teeth do not form plaque and are permanently protected from caries.

7. The cost of professional hygiene includes remotherapy in caps with gel to strengthen and mineralize the enamel, enhance their anti-carious protection.

8. We teach proper home hygiene and individually select care products. We will teach you how to use electric or manual brushes effectively. We will pick up brushes and dental floss, teach you how to clean the contact surfaces of the teeth.


The protocol consists of 8 stages:

Stage 1 — assessment of the condition of the oral cavity, examination and diagnosis of teeth

Stage 2 — plaque staining and biofilm detection. The biofilm is almost invisible to the eye. You can completely remove it when it becomes visible. Also with the help of this stage we can demonstrate the problem areas on the teeth that the patient insufficiently cleans at home.

Stage 3 — training. The dentist will select individual home hygiene products and give recommendations on individual oral hygiene and also conduct a controlled brushing of teeth together with the patient to eliminate errors.

Stage 4 — removal of biofilm, pigmented plaque and slightly mineralized dental deposits using the innovative Airflow Prophylaxis Master device (Switzerland) and fine powder Airflow Plus. Microscopic particles penetrate into the most inaccessible places and remove biofilm from all surfaces of tooth enamel. The method guarantees 100% access around the braces, no need to remove the arches, braces and elastic bands.

Stage 5 — application of Perio-Flow technology for thorough cleansing of deep periodontal pockets, removal of subgingival biofilm. The Perio method eliminates the risk of gum damage and the formation of scratches on the implant surface.

Stage 6 — using the Piezon nozzle, we gently remove the residual tartar, treat the surface of the implants, if the patient has them.

Stage 7 is a control examination under the dental microscope for the presence of residual biofilm and the diagnosis of caries, after which mineralization and strengthening of teeth with fluoride-containing preparations are carried out.

Stage 8 — we schedule the next appointment of the patient, taking into account the risk assessment, and give personal recommendations.

Professional hygiene according to the Swiss GBT protocol9 500 rubles - 15 000 rubles


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