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Dental X-rays

It is impossible to assess the condition of the oral cavity, make a correct diagnosis and carry out treatment without an X-ray examination of the oral cavity.

Computed tomography is a mandatory minimum for the initial assessment of the condition of the teeth. It shows most of the pathologies of the oral cavity, without it it’s impossible to carry out high-quality modern dental treatment, prosthetics, surgical intervention.

Thanks to the high-quality image, the doctor will be able to clearly demonstrate the «problems» in your oral cavity and offer an optimal treatment plan.

For X-ray examination, the Orthophos SL device is installed in our clinic – an all-in-one X-ray machine with a Hi-End hybrid 2D/3D system. This is the newest representative of the successful family of 3D X-ray machines from Dentsply Sirona, surpassing all others in functionality, quality and design.

What can you see in the computed tomography picture?

  • The location of wisdom teeth, including those that have not erupted
  • The presence of carious
  • The presence of inflammatory processes, hidden diseases
  • Ability to assess the quality of root canal
  • Filling granulomas, cysts, tumors, ability to identify bone resorption (loss)
  • The position of the roots of the teeth
  • The condition of the bone tissue surrounding the roots of the teeth
  • The presence of atrophy of the alveolar process
  • Condition of orthopedic and orthodontic structures, fillings
  • Malocclusion pathology, occlusion
  • The condition of the maxillary sinuses, TMJ, nasal passages

A cone-beam computed tomography of teeth and jaws (CT) is a method of three-dimensional examination of teeth, which allows you to obtain three-dimensional images necessary for the diagnosis of the dental system, accurately and in detail examine the structures of the required area, give information about the presence, shape, structure, size of the pathological formation.

CT is also required in preparation for implantation, before surgery, bone grafting, sinus lift, etc.

Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region (CT)5 000 rubles
Panoramic tomography of the dentition (OPG)2 000 rubles
CHECK UP (comprehensive dental examination)25 000 rubles
Diagnosis of the oral cavity15 000 rubles


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