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Professional hygiene according to the Swiss GBT protocol

GBT Protocol is a clinical protocol designed to get rid of biofilm and preserve dental health

X-ray diagnostics

It is impossible to assess the condition of the oral cavity, make a correct diagnosis and carry out treatment without an X-ray examination of the oral cavity

Professional hygiene Vector

Speed, painlessness and efficiency are the main characteristics of the procedure using the Vector


For those who want to keep the health of their teeth under control, our clinic has a check-up program for diagnosing the condition of the oral cavity

Professional hygiene

Regular professional oral hygiene is the best prevention of all dental diseases

High-quality hygiene and timely diagnostics are the key to the health of your teeth for many years.

As you know, many diseases of the oral cavity develop due to insufficient hygiene. Deposits of microbial plaque and tartar are an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic microorganisms that provoke various diseases.

That is why it is very important to carry out professional teeth cleaning regularly — every 6 months and even more often during orthodontic treatment.

Many diseases of the oral cavity begin asymptomatically, they can only be detected during examination and diagnosis. Timely diagnosis of the oral cavity condition will help you avoid serious health problems and financial costs for the treatment of diseases that can be detected at an early stage and even prevented.

Take care of yourself and your health!

Consultation of the leading expert, specialist in aesthetic microprosthetics Dr. I.Shestakov5 000 rubles
Specialist Consultation: prosthodontist, implantologist, dental therapist, orthodontist2 000 rubles
Specialist Consultation: pediatric dentist1 500 rubles
Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region (CT)5 000 rubles
Panoramic tomography of the dentition (OPG)2 000 rubles
Diagnosis of the oral cavity (a comprehensive consultation of 3 specialists with a treatment plan)15 000 rubles
CHECK UP (comprehensive dental examination)25 000 rubles
Professional hygiene according to the Swiss GBT protocol9 500 rubles - 15 000 rubles
Ultrasound treatment of the periodontal pocket in 1 tooth area, or the implant using the Vector device1 000 rubles


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