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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is one of the most common and most necessary dental procedures. The need for such treatment arises with the development of such common complications of caries as pulpitis or periodontitis in acute and chronic forms, dental injuries, repeated treatment of teeth after previously poorly cured canals.

With the correct treatment of root canals and subsequent restoration of the tooth, it will serve for several decades!


  • Deep carious lesions
  • Acute toothache
  • Pulpitis, periodontitis
  • Injuries, cracked teeth

Features of root canal treatment in the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

— To diagnose and plan the treatment of root canals of teeth, we use a unique Orthophos SL 3D dental tomograph from the German company Sirona.

— In our clinic we successfully treat diseases of root canals and near-root tissues using high-tech endodontic equipment and modern materials and technologies, which allows us to preserve severely destroyed and infected teeth, avoid removal procedures and also prepare the destroyed tooth for the installation of an orthopedic structure, prosthesis or bridge.

— High-quality root canal treatment is impossible without special optics. In our clinic root system treatment is performed using top-of-the-line versions of Carl Zeiss and Karl Kaps operating microscopes. Dental microscopes provide magnification of the object up to 25 times, which allows the endodontist to see the anatomy of the root canals. Microscopic technique combining the effects of magnification and powerful illumination of the surgical field, allows to perform root canal treatment under precise control and makes it possible to preserve even a severely destroyed and infected tooth.

Stages of endodontic treatment:

1. Conducting clinical and X-ray diagnostics, assessment of the condition of pulp tissues (neurovascular tissue located in the dental cavity), as well as the anatomy of root canals

2. Anesthesia using the unique Compudent STA computer anesthesia system. This is the most modern and effective method of anesthesia.

3. Isolation of the treated tooth from the rest of the oral cavity by a cofferdam. This is a special thin rubber film that allows you to achieve maximum dryness of the working field and also eliminates the ingestion of saliva into the tooth cavity and the ingestion of antiseptics during treatment. The operating field is thoroughly disinfected

4. Opening of the tooth cavity to provide access to the mouths of the root canals which is carried out under a dental microscope.

5. Removal of pulp and canal contents. Cleaning of canals with very thin nickel-titanium tools.

6. Mechanical expansion of canals using the RECIPROC device and the SAF system. Canal depth measurement using an apexlocator. This allows access to all branches and guarantees high-quality sealing of canals.

7. Medical treatment of root canals with special solutions for their cleaning.

8. Irrigation of root canals with the help of a VDW sound endodontic apparatus (thus antiseptic treatment takes place)

9. Sterilization of root canals by SiroLaser Advance laser and using the PROZONE device. Ozone has a powerful antibacterial effect.

10. 3D obturation (three-dimensional filling) of root canals with the BeeFill 2 in 1 apparatus using gutta-percha, which is a natural elastic material.

Treatment of pulpitis29 000 rubles - 43 500 rubles
Treatment of periodontitis31 500 rubles - 47 500 rubles
Re-treatment of the tooth32 500 rubles - 50 000 rubles


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