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Gum treatment

An important component of a beautiful smile is healthy gums, they create a frame for teeth and are important for a harmonious appearance of the patient. According to the statistics of dental diseases, gum health problems are one of the most common diseases of the oral cavity along with caries.

Unfortunately, the first symptoms of gum disease are often not noticed by the patient but with the further development of the inflammatory process in the gums and the lack of timely therapy the consequences of such processes are often costly for the patient’s health.

Indications for gum treatment:

  • Inflammation, swelling and bleeding of the gums
  • The presence of gingival pockets
  • Exposure of the necks of teeth and loss of soft tissues
  • Mobility of teeth
  • Purulent discharge in the gum area
  • Bad breath


Types of gum diseases:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Periodontal disease

How gum diseases are treated in the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry:

Professional hygiene

During cleaning, plaque, microbial film and hard deposits are removed, the natural color of the teeth returns.

Vector system

It is used for deep cleaning of gingival pockets and improving tissue regeneration. With the help of the Vector system even very hard dental deposits can be removed and granulation tissue can be removed from the gingival pockets.

Curettage of periodontal pockets

Surgical procedure consisting in deep cleaning of deposits and pathologically altered tissues to eliminate the inflammatory process. Curettage reduces the depth of large pockets and completely covers small gingival pockets.


A physiotherapeutic method of treatment by injecting a medicinal substance into the periodontal area through the use of an electric current which increases the strength of capillaries, reduces hypoxia and forms collagen. As a result of treatment bleeding gums decreases, itching and swelling disappear.


One of the methods is implantation of a healthy part of the gum. A membrane is placed between the gum and bone tissue which will stimulate the regeneration of muscle tissue and the restoration of bone.

Closed curettage of periodontal pockets (1 tooth)from 2 500 rubles
Ultrasound treatment of a periodontal pocket in the area of one tooth or an implant using the Vector device1 000 rubles


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