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Caries treatment

We don’t put composite fillings!

Modern aesthetic and functional dentistry does not stand still. The short-lived and ineffective methods of dental treatment with composite fillings and metal-ceramic crowns were replaced by a system of ceramic restoration using the German technology CEREC 3D.

CEREC is a complex of technologies, equipment and materials for the manufacture of highly aesthetic restorations: inlays, crowns, endocrowns, veneers, implant prostheses, which are machined from ceramic blocks in 1 visit directly in the dentist’s office.

With the help of ceramic restoration we are able to restore your decayed tooth once and for all!

More about the technology CEREC 3D ceramic dental restorations


  • Caries, including large carious cavities and destruction of the chewing surface of the tooth
  • Destruction of the contact point of adjacent teeth
  • High sensitivity and pathological abrasion of teeth
  • Decreased bite height

Advantages of ceramic restorations in comparison with composite fillings

✅️ Reliability and durability of the material

Composite filling: composite material shrinks over time, wears out, and breaks off. A large area filling wears out over time, which leads to a change in bite and problems with the TMJ.

Ceramic restoration: ceramics has the same strength as tooth enamel and higher, does not shrink, tightly adheres to the tooth, does not wear out, does not chip, the load on the tooth is distributed evenly.


✅️ Aesthetics:

Composite filling: darkens, absorbing dyes — the filling becomes visible, aesthetics suffers.

Ceramic restoration: does not absorb dyes and does not change its color. It has maximum aesthetics, practically indistinguishable from the patient’s natural teeth.


✅️ Service life

Composite filling: service life on average 3-5 years. It needs constant monitoring and regular replacement, otherwise the risk of developing caries under the filling increases due to shrinkage of the material and the lack of tightness of the structure.

Ceramic restoration: 20 years and more among disciplined patients who visit the dentist for preventive examinations and maintain good oral hygiene. Thanks to computer modeling a tight fit of the restoration is achieved, which excludes the appearance of cracks and the development of secondary caries.


✅️ Cost

Composite filling: up to 10,000 rubles, relatively low cost. It is relatively low due to the fact that the filling needs to be changed regularly and each time you replace it, you lose more and more healthy tooth tissue …

Ceramic restoration: the cost in our clinic is from 37,900 rubles. More expensive than a filling, but during the service life of a ceramic restoration, you will change 4-6 fillings. By installing a ceramic restoration, you will save your time, nerves and preserve the health of your teeth.

Features of ceramic restoration of teeth in the Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic

More than 50,000 ceramic restorations have already been installed

Own CAD / CAM center, the possibility of installing CEREC ceramic restorations on the day of treatment in 1-2 hours

Microprosthetics, preparation and endodontic treatment are carried out under a multiple magnification of a dental microscope, preserving a maximum of healthy tooth tissue, providing ultra-precise restoration installation and high-quality root canal treatment.

The clinic has all the necessary equipment for obtaining a complete diagnosis on the spot (computed tomography, screening using the Diagnocat dental neural network for hidden pathologies of teeth and bone tissue).

The doctors of the clinic are high-class specialists who constantly improve their professional level, have undergone internships in Europe, take part in international conferences in Russia and abroad, and conduct training master classes.


Ceramic restoration using CEREC 3D technology 37 900 rubles - 60 000 rubles
Ceramic restoration using CEREC 3D technology, category "Master"60 000 rubles - 90 000 rubles
Restoration of a tooth made of zirconium dioxide60 000 rubles - 120 000 rubles


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