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Prosthetics on implants


Implant placement is the first step on the way to a perfect smile. An implant is required to replace the root of the tooth.

The next step after implantation is prosthetics. Prosthetics on an implant is the installation of a dental prostheses based on an implant that will completely replace your missing tooth.

In our clinic an implantologist and a prosthodontist always work in close cooperation to achieve restoration functionality and maximum aesthetics of your smile.

Doctors of our clinic are highly qualified specialists in the field of prosthetics, constantly improving their professional level and using in their work only proven treatment methods and the best materials. If you have decided to get the treatment in our clinic, you are guaranteed to get a reliable result for many years.


Types of prosthetics on implant

The type of a dental prostheses depends on the number of missing teeth and other nuances.

There are the following options:


  • Single dental crown on an implant – is placed in the absence of one or more teeth located in different zones of the jaws.
  • Implant-supported dental bridge – is placed to restore multiple missing teeth that are adjacent to one another.
  • Implant-supported denture called All-on-4 or All-on-6 – is placed in the absence or indications for the removal of all teeth of the upper or lower jaw.


Materials for prosthetics on implants

  • Metal-ceramic
  • Metal-free: full-ceramic, made of zirconium dioxide


Metal-ceramic crowns are one of the most popular options for prosthetics. Cermet is well suited for chewing teeth, it can withstand heavy loads. Structural strength is provided by a frame made of metal, aesthetics is achieved by layer-by-layer application of ceramics. The service life of such structures is more than 10 years.

The undoubted advantage of this design is its affordability. However, in comparison with a metal-free crown it loses in aesthetics, since the metal located at the base of the structure can give the tooth a grayish tint. For those who value impeccable aesthetics, we recommend the installation of metal-free crowns.

All-ceramic crowns are made of pressed ceramics. It has the most natural appearance, repeating the texture and shade of natural enamel due to light refraction, color rendering and transparency. Patients who value maximum aesthetics most often choose this type of prosthetics. In addition to impeccable aesthetics, ceramic crowns have high strength, reliability and a long service life from 15 to 20 years. This type of prosthetics is suitable for all units of the dentition both for single and bridge structures. Despite the fact that the cost of ceramic crowns is higher than metal-ceramic ones, their functional and aesthetic indicators fully justify this.

Zirconium dioxide crowns are a modern reliable option for dental prosthetics, combining strength, biocompatibility and high aesthetic performance. Zirconium dioxide is a material obtained by chemical treatment of zircon, a mineral related to silicates. The zirconium dioxide construction is suitable for both single crowns and bridges, restoration of both chewing and front row teeth.


Features of prosthetics on implants in Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic

Before starting the treatment we are carrying out the analysis of the aesthetics of the smile, the diagnosis of the temporomandibular joint, the nature of the teeth closing.

For a detailed diagnosis of the condition of teeth and bone tissues, we use a computer tomograph.

Our clinic is fitted with premium dental equipment. We have our own CAD/CAM center with the possibility of installing CEREC ceramic crowns on the day of treatment.

You will be provided with a medical supervisor – your personal manager, who will provide qualified information and organizational support in solving any medical issues.

Prosthetics of the tooth using an implant (All-ceramic crown on the implant screw fixation)60 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-4", for 1 jaw235 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-6", for 1 jaw305 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (metal composite construction), 1 jaw550 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (titanium beam and zirconium dioxide covered with ceramics), 1 jaw1 050 000 rubles


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