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Despite the fact that in our clinic doctors fight to the last for every sick tooth, no one is immune from their loss. And then arises the question how to restore the lost teeth so that they become a full-fledged replacement for natural ones. Dental prosthetics can help with this. Our prosthodontists will help you make the right choice of the type of prosthesis.

Prosthetics can be fixed and removable. There is also a distinction between microprosthetics and prosthetics on implants.

Fixed prosthetics

The manufacture of crowns which will completely restore the lost tooth tissue. Our clinic offers treatment using the following orthopedic structures:

  • Ceramic crowns and constructions
  • Zirconia-based metal-free crowns
  • Metal-ceramic crowns, including on a frame made of gold-containing alloys

Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics is the installation of dental prostheses that can be removed from the oral cavity by the patient overnight or for several hours. It is used in cases when non-removable prosthetics is not possible. Removable dentures allow you to restore lost teeth both in case of the loss of one tooth and in case of their complete absence.

There are 2 types of removable dentures:

  • Removable partial denture. They are made in the absence of one or more teeth, thereby preventing their displacement. The prosthesis can also be used as a temporary structure for dental procedures. Partial removable structures include acrylic (plastic), thermoplastic (nylon) and clasp dentures.
  • Complete removable dentures. They are made in case of the complete absence of teeth of one or both jaws. Such structures include acrylic (plastic) and thermoplastic (nylon) prostheses. Dentures made in our clinic have high aesthetic properties and wear resistance.

Microprosthetics of teeth

A new dentistry direction which goal is to preserve badly damaged teeth and restore their function. This method consists in the manufacture of ceramic inlays in the laboratory from individual impressions or directly in the clinic at the patient’s chair using CAD/CAM CEREC technology. Tooth inlay is the missing part of the tooth, replacing only the destroyed part. The advantage of ceramic inlays is their durability, reliability, high strength and impeccable aesthetics.

Prosthetics on implants

This type of prosthetics consists in the fact that the prosthetics is installed on a dental implant, which is inserted into your jawbone and acts as a support for the construction instead of the native teeth.

Our clinic offers the following types of prosthetics on implants:

  • In the absence of one tooth – single metal-ceramic or ceramic crowns. This type doesn’t require grinding of adjacent teeth that allows you to keep them healthy and thereby prolong their life.
  • In the absence of several teeth — fixed bridges
  • In case of significant defects of the dentition or complete absence of teeth — fixed dentures based on a minimum number of implants.

In most cases dentists of our clinic use screw fixation of the prosthesis to the implant, which allows the prosthodontist to remove the artificial tooth easily for systematic hygienic procedures, as well as replace the prosthesis if necessary. The possibility of removing the orthopedic structure significantly increases the safety of treatment.

Ceramic Veneer60 000 rubles - 150 000 rubles
Ceramic restoration using CEREC 3D technology 37 900 rubles - 60 000 rubles
Ceramic restoration using CEREC 3D technology, category "Master"60 000 rubles - 90 000 rubles
Restoration of a tooth made of zirconium dioxide60 000 rubles - 120 000 rubles
Prosthetics of the tooth using an implant (All-ceramic crown on the implant screw fixation)60 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-4", for 1 jaw235 000 rubles
Temporary prosthesis, the first adaptation stage "All-on-6", for 1 jaw305 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (metal composite construction), 1 jaw550 000 rubles
Permanent prothesis for All-on-4 (titanium beam and zirconium dioxide covered with ceramics), 1 jaw1 050 000 rubles
Prosthetics of teeth with full removable plate prostheses using Acrylic Free technology, for one jaw47 000 rubles
Prosthetics with removable clasp prostheses, for one jaw85 000 rubles
Specialist Consultation: prosthodontist, implantologist, dental therapist, orthodontist2 000 rubles
Consultation of the leading expert, specialist in aesthetic microprosthetics Dr. I.Shestakov5 000 rubles
Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region (CT)5 000 rubles


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