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Bite correction with braces is one of the most popular methods of correcting the position of teeth today which has proven its effectiveness over many decades of its successful use in orthodontic treatment.

Braces cope with the correction of bite even in adulthood allowing you to get not only an excellent aesthetic result but also to solve health problems of patients caused by malocclusion.



  • All types of malocclusion: underbite, open bite, crossbite, deep bite, gapped teeth, overly crowded
  • Displacement of teeth as a result of injury, tooth loss
  • Disorders and discomfort in the temporomandibular joint


Features of bite correction with braces in the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

The orthodontists of our clinic are high-class specialists with extensive experience in correcting malocclusion pathologies using braces.

Doctors have been trained by the best Russian and foreign specialists in the field of orthodontics, they are constantly improving their professional level and qualifications by participating in congresses, seminars and master classes in aesthetic dentistry.

We work with Damon braces systems, an American premium innovative braces system that corrects complex malocclusion pathologies. Damon braces are compact, easy to use, smoothly correct the bite. Unlike conventional braces, the Damon System uses gentle forces designed to protect the health of your teeth and gums during the treatment. With the Damon System you’ll have a healthy, beaming smile in less time and with greater comfort than conventional braces.

We install various types of braces: traditional metal braces, clear (ceramic) braces, ligature, self-ligating braces, etc.

Consultation of an orthodontist (primary)2 000 rubles
Consultation of an orthodontist (planned)5 000 rubles
Research on diagnostic models of jaws (Diagnosis and planning of orthodontic treatment (without the cost of X-ray examination))5 000 rubles
Bite correction using a metal braces system (1 dentition)80 000 rubles
Bite correction using a ceramic braces system (1 dentition)90 000 rubles
Bite correction using the Damon Q braces system (1 dentition)100 000 rubles
Bite correction using the Damon CLEAR braces system (1 dentition)120 000 rubles


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