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Professional oral hygiene

To keep the child’s teeth healthy and snow-white, it is very important to habituate proper oral hygiene and teach the child to brush his teeth regularly twice a day.  Very often a small child cannot effectively clean the teeth from plaque and microorganisms, even with the participation of parents. Due to poor hygiene food residues accumulate between the teeth, microbes appear and subsequently various diseases arise: gingivitis, caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, stomatitis, diseases of the digestive and immune systems.

In order to avoid problems with teeth, it is important to bring the child for examination every 3-4 months and conduct professional oral hygiene.

Children’s occupational hygiene should be carried out starting from the age of 2.5 years after the formation of a baby’s milk bite.


The procedure of children’s hygiene has its own characteristics, it is not recommended to clean with ultrasound until the age of 14 due to the growth and development of tissues. Hygiene with ultrasound is indicated only in the presence of massive deposits of tartar. The procedure is carried out very delicately, observing all precautions.

In all other cases, the cleaning and polishing of children’s teeth is carried out by the Air-flow method, followed by the enamel mineralization procedure. Air-flow is a great way to remove hard and soft plaque in children. All manipulations are carried out painlessly.

After the procedure, the child is given a hygiene lesson: they show how clean the teeth should be and how to clean them properly, select a suitable toothbrush and paste.

Oral hygiene is a useful preventive measure that will help to prevent oral diseases, as well as teach the baby to care for teeth from an early age.

Professional oral hygiene3 000 rubles - 7 000 rubles


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