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Caries treatment

Caries is one of the most common dental diseases not only among adults, but also among children. For the first time, caries is registered at the age of 1.7-2 years and it develops much faster on baby teeth than on permanent ones. If you do not treat this disease in time then very soon caries will begin to affect all teeth.

Caries can proceed painlessly that is why it is very important to visit a pediatric dentist regularly to notice the first signs of the disease and prevent its development.

Complete elimination of the disease is possible only by removing carious tissues and filling the tooth.


Features of caries treatment for young patients


  • For safe and high-quality diagnostics our X-ray equipment has a special «children’s mode»
  • Diagnostics can also be performed without radiation using the Kavo DIAGNOcam device designed for laser diagnostics without X-ray radiation
  • Our pediatric dentist tries to carry out all procedures completely painlessly, put anesthesia so that the child doesn’t see anything
  • We use only safe and harmless materials for the treatment of children, modern composite fillings that will look like their own teeth
  • Certainly dental treatment can turn into stress for a child, in order to avoid this our clinic pays great attention to the adaptation of the child to dental treatment

Our goal is to make dental treatment an exciting process for a child!

In our clinic teeth are filled with colored Twinky Star fillings. The child can choose his favorite color, which will decorate and cure the tooth. Colorful fillings delight the child and the fear of treatment fades into the background.

Your child will brush his teeth with great enthusiasm because opening his mouth, you can look at your colored fillings.

Twinky Star fillings are not only beautiful but also safe for children, reliable, durable and quick to apply — the treatment will not take much time.

Specialist Consultation: pediatric dentist1 500 rubles
Restoration of a tooth with a filling using photopolymer materials5 000 rubles
Caries treatmentfrom 5 000 rubles
Sealing the fissure with a sealant5 000 rubles
Pulpotomy of a temporary tooth (amputation of the crown pulp)10 000 rubles
Treatment of the temporary tooth canal6 000 rubles - 7 000 rubles
Removal of a temporary tooth2 000 rubles - 3 000 rubles


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