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High aesthetic dental veneers

People change their smiles, smiles change people!

A healthy and snow-white smile is undoubtedly a person’s business card and an important component of the image.

What should we do if the teeth are not perfect by nature?

A flawless smile can be achieved with ceramic veneers.

They will give you a luxurious smile and restore your self-confidence!

Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic is a specialized clinic in Moscow for the manufacture of veneers.

For more than 15 years, we have been fulfilling the dreams of our patients for a beautiful smile.

Why us?


We solve both local problems of the oral cavity and carry out complex rehabilitation for malocclusion and aesthetics.

Modern high-precision equipment

For the diagnosis and manufacture of individual ceramic restorations (veneers, crowns), the latest generation technology is used: diagnostics using an X-ray diagnostic apparatus, preparation and fixation of the restoration takes place under the magnification of a dental microscope.


Our specialists have vast experience in the field of dentistry.

Over 20,000 veneers installed!


Installation of veneers is possible on the day of treatment due to the presence of our own CAD / CAM center.


  • Imperfect shape of own teeth;
  • Any discoloration of the teeth: yellowness, darkening, stains on the enamel;
  • Large interdental spaces, diastema;
  • The presence of chips, cracks, fillings and other defects on the teeth;
  • Increased fragility and abrasion of teeth, erosive manifestations on tooth enamel;
  • Anti-age dentistry.

Features of veneers installation in the Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic

  • High aesthetics, exclusivity, individual selection of the shape and color of veneers optimal for the patient.
  • We install all types of ceramic veneers: ultra-thin veneers, refractor veneers, veneers using CEREC 3D technology.
  • We practice gentle preparation of teeth for veneers thanks to work under the magnification of a dental microscope
  • Veneers are made of high-quality and durable ceramics, which perfectly mimic the natural transparency of enamel, making the restorations completely invisible on the teeth.
  • We cooperate with top-level dental technicians, your teeth will be unique!
  • Test drive of your future smile
Consultation of the leading expert, specialist in aesthetic microprosthetics Dr. I.Shestakov5 000 rubles
Specialist Consultation: prosthodontist, implantologist, dental therapist, orthodontist2 000 rubles
Ceramic dental veneers 60 000 rubles -150 000 rubles
Research on diagnostic models of jaws with wax modeling (Wax-Up of 1 tooth) of the future orthopedic design 6 000 rubles


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