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Ceramic dental restorations cerec 3d

Restoring the shape and functionality of teeth during their destruction is the most demanded service in dentistry today.

At the moment the most modern and innovative technology for the restoration of damaged teeth is microprosthetics using CAD/CAM CEREC 3D technology.

This method of treatment allows not only to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth but also to restore the functionality of the teeth and improve their aesthetic appearance.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) is a complex of technologies, equipment and materials for the manufacture of highly aesthetic restorations: inlays, crowns, endocrowns, veneers, implant prostheses, which are machined from ceramic blocks in 1 visit directly in the dentist’s office.

Restorations are made of non-allergenic metal-free ceramics, which are durable and have similar optical properties to enamel.

Advantages of ceramic restoration of teeth using CEREC 3D technology

✅️ High esthetics: Cerec 3D restorations are optimally matched in shape and color to natural teeth and are indistinguishable from your teeth.

✅️ Time-saving: Restorations are modeled, fabricated and installed during one visit without the participation of a dental technician.

✅️ Service life: ceramic restorations are highly durable, do not change their original color and shape. Ceramic restorations have a service life of 20 years and more.

✅️ High accuracy: errors due to human error are excluded thanks to digital equipment

✅️ The concept of treatment allows you to save a maximum of healthy tooth tissue.

✅️ Ultra-precise fit of the restoration to the tooth surface eliminates the appearance of secondary caries.

✅️ Comfort: no need to go through the unpleasant procedure of taking impressions


Stages of manufacturing restorations using CAD/CAM CEREC 3D technology

1.Scanning the oral cavity with a digital intraoral scanner to create a three-dimensional computer model of teeth and surrounding tissues.

2. Preparation of the tooth for restoration — the doctor prepares the tooth, removing carious lesions and old fillings, endodontic treatment is performed if indicated. Our clinic uses a gentle preparation technique under KARL KAPS and Carl Zeiss dental microscopes using ultrasonic tips. Thus, it is possible to achieve a minimum and high-quality processing of the tooth.

3. Scanning the oral cavity to obtain a three-dimensional computer model of teeth after preparation.

4. Computer modeling: on the monitor screen, the dentist models the missing part of the tooth in an ideal shape and size. It can be of any design: inlay, crown, veneer, endocrown.

5. Production: the dentist selects a ceramic block of a suitable color and size, places it in a milling module which is using diamond cutters to grind the missing part of the tooth with high precision.

6. After 5-15 minutes the aesthetic restoration is ready. It accurately repeats the shape of the prepared tooth and fits perfectly on the tooth.

7. Individualization of the restoration — the application of dyes and liquid glaze to the ceramic restoration to give a natural color and shine in accordance with the characteristics of the patient’s enamel.

8. Preparation for cementation of the restoration to improve the connection between the ceramic and the composite material on which the restoration will be cemented.

9. The surface of the prepared tooth is sterilized with the SIROLaser Advance laser and with the PROZONE device, which generates ozone. Ozone has a powerful antibacterial effect.

10. Placement of the restoration: The ceramic restoration is placed in the mouth under light pressure and cemented using a luting composite. The fixation process takes place under the magnification of a dental microscope.


The tooth restoration procedure using CEREC 3D technology takes from 1 to 2 hours. This restoration will serve the patient for many years. And in terms of strength and aesthetic properties, it will be identical to the tissues of the tooth.


Facts about CEREC 3D technology:

  • It is the first computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) dental system invented
  • The world’s most popular computer-assisted dental restoration system
  • CEREC technology has been widely used in dental practice abroad since 1985
  • More than 250 scientific studies demonstrate the clinical safety and reliability of CEREC restorations
  • Proven durability in 95% of clinical cases
  • Over 35 million CEREC restorations installed
  • Every 5 seconds a CEREC restoration is made worldwide
  • 96% of all dental chair restorations were fabricated with CEREC
  • CEREC is used in 50 countries around the world and in more than 38,000 dental clinics
Ceramic restoration CEREC 3D 37 900 rubles - 60 000 rubles
Ceramic restoration CEREC 3D, Master category 60 000 rubles - 90 000 rubles
Ceramic dental veneers 60 000 rubles - 150 000 rubles
Research on diagnostic models of jaws with wax modeling (Wax-Up of 1 tooth) of the future orthopedic design 6 000 rubles
Restoration of a tooth made of zirconium dioxide 60 000 rubles - 120 000 rubles


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