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Our clinic operates in a special mode with enhanced security measures

To ensure the safety of patients and employees, we have taken a number of measures to prevent COVID-19.

In order to reduce the risks of the spread of coronavirus:

* The clinic has introduced a mandatory mask regime with the frequency of changing masks every 2 hours. At the entrance to the clinic everyone is given disposable masks and shoe covers

* Admission of patients is carried out strictly by appointment at the appointed time, a competent distribution of patient flows is carried out, observing the physical distance and without crowding people in one room

* Compliance with the zoning and safe distance of patients/visitors in the waiting room (lobby) of the clinic is ensured

* Monitoring of the body temperature of patients and all visitors at the entrance to the clinic using devices for measuring body temperature in a non-contact way, before starting the treatment patients inform the clinic about their health status

* Control of the body temperature of employees at the entrance to the clinic and during the working day (according to indications), using devices for measuring body temperature in a non-contact way, with mandatory removal from the workplace of persons with elevated body temperature and with signs of an infectious disease. All data is entered in the Thermometry Log.

* High-quality cleaning of premises with the use of virulent disinfectants, paying special attention to disinfection of door handles, buttons, switches, handrails, railings, contact surfaces (tables and chairs of employees, office equipment), common areas (meal rooms, rest rooms, toilet rooms) in all rooms — with a frequency of processing every 2 hours.

* Hand sanitizers are installed throughout the clinic

* Staff and patients use disposable sterile gloves, capes

* Bactericidal recirculating lamps are installed in the clinic, continuously disinfecting the air (allowed to work in the presence of the patient)

* A contactless payment system: payment for treatment using cards, transfers


A set of measures that are used in the clinic to protect the patient from possible infection with infections, viruses, prevention of HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, herpes.

* Patients are tested before complex interventions (surgeries, implantation)

All employees of the clinic undergo medical examinations every 3 months.

* Most dental supplies are disposable in individual sealed packages (napkins, surgical gowns, syringes, tips for saliva pumps, brushes and applicators for applying varnishes and gels, tablets on which pastes are kneaded, etc.)

* Reusable tools and materials undergo special treatment after each patient:

— disinfection — complete immersion in a disinfectant solution for 2 hours;

— mechanical cleaning;

— washing in distilled water

— drying;

— packaging in disposable sealed bags;

— autoclave treatment at high temperatures.

After the sterilizer the instrument remains in its individual packaging which is opened only before its use in the presence of the patient. After sterilization and until the moment of use, reusable instruments are stored in special boxes with bactericidal irradiators while they are not removed from sealed bags.


The clinic has:

* emergency first aid kit in dentistry for general complications;

* first aid kit for withdrawal from anaphylactic shock;

* first aid kit for urgent preventive care at risk of HIV infection or hepatitis

* several types of first aid kits to help with the appearance of specific syndromes.

Each month, the quality of disinfection is monitored separately. Samples of air, water, flushes from surfaces are taken to perform their laboratory analysis.

Our clinic fully complies with the sanitary requirements recommended by the Ministry of Health and Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being.

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