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Unconditional guarantees in our clinic are always provided to patients, without fail and without any conditions since they comply with medical canons, requirements for medical institutions and doctors and also comply with laws on the protection of citizens’ health and consumer protection.


We absolutely, without fail, guarantee:

* the provision of complete, reliable and accessible information about the patient’s health status (taking into account their right and desire to receive it voluntarily);

* consultation by specialists of our clinic (both for medical reasons and at the request of the patient);

* treatment by specialists who have diplomas, certificates confirming their right to carry out this type of medical care;

* taking into account the indicators of the general health of the patient in the implementation of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive measures by dentists of all specializations;

* preparation of a recommended (proposed) treatment plan;

* using the methods and technologies of treatment used in our clinic in accordance with the standards and procedures of medical care;

* individual selection of anesthetics which makes it possible to eliminate pain as much as possible, taking into account the patient’s age, his allergic status, general health indicators and dental treatment experience;

* the safety of treatment is ensured by a complex of sanitary and epidemiological measures and the use of approved technologies and materials;

* accurate diagnostics achieved by us due to the availability of the proper professional level of specialists, modern diagnostic tools and data from additional examinations;

* careful adherence to treatment technologies, thanks to the highly professional training of our doctors, dental technicians, nurses, administrators as well as special means of monitoring their work;

* the use of technologically safe materials approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation that have not lost their expiration dates;

* conducting control free examinations — according to indications after complex treatment or if necessary anticipating undesirable consequences;

* conducting free preventive examinations with a frequency determined by the doctor;

* dynamic control of the treatment process and results;

* measures to eliminate or reduce the degree of complications that may occur during or after treatment;

* determination of the risk of recurrence or exacerbation of the identified diseases;

* achievement of indicators of the quality of treatment and aesthetic results, taking into account the standards available in dentistry, the wishes of the patient and objective circumstances identified by the doctor.

The totality of these mandatory, unconditional guarantees creates a prerequisite for high-quality treatment and the sustainability of its results.


Warranty periods valid in the Clinic

Predictable guarantees are the doctor’s foresight of certain treatment results, taking into account the circumstances identified in this situation, his experience, confidence in the effectiveness of the technologies and materials used in this case.

Warranty periods are established for most of the works (services) used in the provision of dental care in the Clinic.

In some cases, the warranty period may be set by the attending physician depending on:

* depending on the individual characteristics of the patient;

* the clinical picture of the disease (the situation in the oral cavity);

* the presence of concomitant diseases that directly or indirectly lead to changes in the teeth and surrounding tissues.

In situations where the attending physician is sure that there is no predictable guarantee, but the patient insists on continuing treatment, the doctor is obliged to reflect the warranty period and service life in the outpatient card with a clear wording: «Without guarantee».

Works (services), as well as medical devices and materials used in the provision of dental manipulationsGuarantee period
Therapeutic dentistry
Restoration of composite light-curing material1 year
Non-removable retainer6 months
Removable retainer6 months
Removable single- and double-jawed orthodontic devices and preventive prostheses6 months
Aesthetic dentistry
Ceramic veneers1 year
Composite1 year
Ceramic1 year
Temporary crowns made of plastic2 weeks
E-max Crowns1 year
Crowns on zirconium oxide1 year
Metal - ceramic1 year
Clasp prostheses1 year
Full removable plate prosthesis6 months
Removable plate prosthesis6 months
Pediatric dentistry
Restoration of temporary teeth6 months
Crown for a temporary tooth6 months



1.  In case of prosthetics for implants, the warranty period and service life are determined in accordance with the design of the prosthesis.

2. During the warranty period and the service life, the relocation of removable prostheses is carried out on a reimbursable basis.

It is not possible to establish warranty periods for certain types of medical services due to their specifics. These include works (services) not listed in the table:

* professional hygiene;

* application of a bandage (temporary seal);

* surgical manipulations;

* periodontal treatment;

* teeth whitening;

* treatment of pulpitis of temporary teeth;

* endodontic treatment;

* orthodontic treatment.


Possible cases of warranty reduction:

Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the clinical picture of the disease and the presence of concomitant diseases, a reduced warranty period and service life for orthopedic work can be established. The dentist must inform the patient about the reduction of the warranty period for orthopedic work and reflect it in the outpatient card.

Smoking is a risk factor for complications of dental treatment, which leads to a 2-fold decrease in the guarantee, and in some cases its absence.

The existing medical methods of prosthetics do not allow to give a full guarantee in the presence of the following diagnoses or cases

* the presence of a diagnosis of gum diseases: periodontitis (tooth mobility) periodontal disease.

in the absence of clear medical indications for performing certain types of prosthetics and the patient’s desire to perform work according to a certain scheme: the dentist has the right to establish a warranty period for an orthopedic structure of 1 month, having previously notified the patient about it. All alterations (design changes, therapeutic preparation of teeth for prosthetics) are carried out at the expense of the patient.


Important note.

1. Until the moment of delivery of the orthopedic structure, the patient has every right to demand alteration / correction of the work for reasons:

— the work performed does not meet the aesthetic requirements (the color, size or shape of the tooth is incorrect);

— the work performed does not correspond to the prosthetics plan (treatment plan).

2. Compliance with the operating conditions of the orthopedic structure (the use of specialized pastes and toothbrushes, irrigator, cleansing tablets, etc.) is mandatory.


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