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Whitening using the Zoom 4 White Speed Philips system

Zoom 4 White Speed Philips is the latest generation of the famous Zoom whitening system!

Philips specialists have improved the system, making it even more gentle for enamel. Now the whitening lamp has a cold LED light source which completely eliminates overheating of the tooth and gum tissues.

The active ingredient of Philips Zoom whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide. During the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, oxygen penetrates into the enamel and dentin, bleaching the colored substance so the structure of the tooth surface is not disturbed. The lamp is needed in order to start the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and help the substance penetrate deep into the enamel.


Stages of teeth whitening using the Zoom 4 White Speed Philips system in the Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry

1. The doctor evaluates the condition of the enamel and discusses with the patient the expected results of bleaching in order to be able to choose the best treatment plan in each individual case.

2. Using the shade scale, the dentist determines the original color of the patient’s teeth, takes photos to compare with the color obtained after the procedure.

3. The doctor conducts comprehensive oral hygiene to remove mineralized deposits, tartar, plaque from the surface of the teeth, polishes teeth before whitening.

4. This is followed by three to four 15-minute bleaching sessions with Zoom 4 White Speed whitening gel and activation by Philips White Speed LED lamp.

5. Applying Relief ACP gel in a mouth guard after the procedure to protect and strengthen teeth.


Effect for 1 session, one visit to the dentist is necessary for the procedure, the teeth will become whiter up to 8 shades

Perfectly removes dark pigment caused by smoking, drinking coffee and wine

The teeth will not return to their original color

No harm to the enamel. There are no restrictions on the number of repetitions of Philips Zoom procedures. Many dentists consider teeth whitening to be the safest procedure of cosmetic dentistry.

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