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Vector Paro for the treatment of periodontitis

Vector Paro is a unique patented system of the German company Durr Dental. Vector Paro ultrasound system is a leader in the field of atraumatic therapy for the benefit of patients. The device is designed for gentle and effective removal of supra-gingival and subgingival dental deposits, treatment of periodontal diseases, prevention and treatment of peri-implantitis, maintenance therapy.

The Vector system consists of two devices — Vector Paro and Vector Scaler.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of an ultrasonic wave. A special suspension Vector Fluid polish consisting of microparticles of calcium hydroxyapatite and water is applied to the cleaning nozzle. Under the influence of an ultrasonic wave, the suspension stream «swirls» around the nozzle, penetrates deeply under the gum, cleanses the root of the tooth from dental deposits, removes microbial flora, washes out endotoxins, gently polishes the surface of the root and prevents the re-formation of tartar. The movement of the cleaning nozzle is made parallel to the axis of the tooth, without touching the surface of the tooth which avoids the impact of an ultrasonic wave on the tooth so the patient doesn’t experience pain. In many cases this procedure can serve as an alternative to surgical treatment.


Oral Hygiene with Vector Scaler Tip

The Scaler tip allows you to perform professional teeth cleaning at the highest level. Ultrasonic scaler creates oscillatory movements, resulting in the knocking down of hard dental deposits. The piezoceramic drive makes it possible to effectively remove mineralized deposits with the most gentle effect on periodontal tissues. The tip of the scaler is equipped with six high-efficiency LEDs, which provide excellent illumination even of hard-to-see areas.

Thanks to this choice of professional oral hygiene the patient is no longer bothered by bad breath, bleeding, loose teeth, moreover the gum tissue is strengthened and plaque accumulation is reduced.


Periodontal treatment with a Paro tip

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the tissues that surround the tooth. This disease leads to the exposure of the necks of teeth, displacement of teeth, mobility of teeth and as a result to tooth loss.

Primary therapy

During primary therapy, it is very important to carefully remove biofilm, mineralized biofilm particles in the form of tartar and polish the surface of the root to the depth of the gingival pocket. Although mineralized particles don’t cause periodontal inflammation they can create an ideal environment for the growth of a new periodontal pathogenic microflora.

With the help of Paro instruments made of high-quality surgical steel, treatment is carried out very efficiently and effectively. The smallest particles of hydroxylapatite in the Vector Fluid polish preparation improve the polishing of the tooth root and reduce hypersensitivity after treatment. The periodontal pocket (the gap between the tooth and the gum) is washed very intensively.


Supportive therapy

Even after thorough cleaning of the root surface, bacteria reappear in the periodontal pockets after a few days. Therefore, after primary therapy maintenance therapy or maintenance treatment of periodontitis should be carried out in order to avoid re-infection of the pockets.

The Vector system offers ideal flexible plastic instruments for this type of therapy as well as carbon fiber probes and preventive curettes. Due to this the risk of damage to the root surface and the risk of accidental injury to the tissue is practically impossible. In combination with Vector Fluid polish suspension, biofilm and periodontal tissues are effectively removed.


Treatment of peri-implantitis with a Paro tip

Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory process that occurs around an implanted implant. The consequence of this disease is rejection and loss of the implant.

Regular and systematic removal of bacterial plaque and biofilm is very important to maintain the healthy condition of implants and soft tissue around implants, as well as in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. The implants are surrounded by bacterial plaque. Therefore, inflammatory processes of soft tissue inevitably occur which in the worst case leads to the loss of the implant.

Vector tools are specially designed for this type of therapy. They allow you to effectively and thoroughly clean the implant surface without damaging it. Instruments made of special carbonaceous material, as well as plastic instruments made specifically for the treatment of the surface of implants, make it possible to treat peri-implantitis successfully.


Advantages of the Vector Paro device

Gentle removal of biofilm, bacteria and tartar

Painless therapy so there is no need to use anesthesia (relevant for patients with particularly sensitive enamel)

Cleaning the root surface to the bottom of the periodontal pocket

Absence of damage to soft tissues (gums) and the surface of the tooth root

Cleaning teeth below the gum level

Bleeding gums decreases

Reduced mobility of teeth



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