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SiroLaser Advance Dental Laser

SIROLaser Advance стоматологический лазер

This is a compact diode laser developed by the German company Sirona, which allows performing all surgical interventions on the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

SiroLaser Advance is an innovative technology of modern laser dentistry.

Clinical application

Surgery (used in all surgical operations on the soft tissues of the oral cavity: correction of the contour of the gum, plastic frenulum of the tongue, plastic frenulum of the upper and lower lips, lengthening of the clinical crown of the tooth, removal of neoplasms, excision of the hood over the wisdom tooth, excision of hidden teeth, exposure of the implant, removal of abscess)


Endodontics (used for root canal sterilization)


Periodontology (used in the treatment of periodontal pockets, for the formation of gums, in the treatment of peri-implantitis and gingivitis)

Professional oral hygiene (used when removing tartar from the surface of teeth)



Advantages of the SiroLaser Advance diode laser

— No bleeding

— Rapid healing

— High bactericidal effect

— High anti-inflammatory effect

— No need to apply and remove seams

— Formation of a soft scar

— High anti-inflammatory effect

— Minimal traumatic impact on surrounding tissues

— A more gentle procedure compared to the usual technique using a scalpel (minimal pain)

— The ability to perform part of surgical interventions without anesthesia



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