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Prozone ozone generator

This is an ozone gas generator developed by the Austrian company W&H. The main purpose is to produce ozone in a focused area for therapeutic purposes. Ozone has a very strong antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

Ozone therapy is a revolutionary technology in modern dentistry and serves as an excellent addition to traditional methods of treatment.

The main properties of ozone are the destruction of bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity which makes it possible to effectively use this device in therapeutic dentistry.


The principle of operation

Air is supplied to the device by a pump. Then the air passes through the filter to clean and remove moisture from it. Purified and dry air is supplied to the generator, where under the action of an electric current, ozone of the exact concentration and dose is produced. With the help of a special tip ozone is supplied between the tip and the affected area. Due to diffusion ozone easily penetrates into the soft tissues of the oral cavity as well as to a small depth of hard tissues. Depending on the clinical application, there are four dosages of exposure by time (6, 12, 18 or 24 seconds).


Application areas

Periodontology (used for cleaning periodontal pockets from bacteria and dental deposits, in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease)

Endodontics (used for root canal sterilization)

Surgery (used for preoperative and postoperative disinfection of the oral cavity, for treatment after tooth extraction)

Implantology (used when installing implants)

Prosthetics (for disinfection of all orthopedic structures – ceramic inlays, crowns, bridges)

Therapy (used in the treatment and prevention of carious lesions, in the treatment of herpes, stomatitis)

Professional teeth cleaning (used to disinfect teeth cleaned of plaque before fluoridation)

Pediatric dentistry (used in the treatment of baby teeth, in the disinfection of braces)


Advantages of ozone therapy

It has an anti-inflammatory effect

Effective for disinfection and sterilization

It has an anesthetic, soothing effect on the nerve endings

Promotes rapid wound healing

It has a hemostatic effect

Helps to increase the patient’s immunity

Safe, painless and fast method of treatment

No need to use antibiotics in treatment

The disinfecting effect of ozone has a long-term effect)



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