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Professional hygiene EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy

Spa treatment for your teeth!

An effective cabinet technique for protecting teeth from caries, the absence of any unpleasant sensations during the procedure, as well as accurate monitoring of the condition of the oral cavity and identifying problems at the earliest stages of oral diseases.

GBT is a professional hygiene protocol consisting of 8 stages, which can be literally translated as biofilm management, that is bacterial plaque on the teeth.

It is impossible to see the biofilm, but it is the evidence-based cause of caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. Biofilm should be eliminated regularly. The best way to do this is the GBT protocol.

Stage 1 — assessment of the condition of the oral cavity, examination and ultra-precise diagnosis of teeth helps to make an optimal treatment plan, identify problems at an early stage. Screening of the oral cavity to identify problems at an early stage and prevent their occurrence. Always under the control of magnifying optics.

Stage 2 — plaque staining and biofilm detection. The biofilm is almost invisible to the naked eye. You can completely remove it when it becomes visible. Also with the help of this stage we can demonstrate the problem areas on the teeth that the patient doesn’t properly clean at home.

Stage 3 training and motivation. We evaluate individual risk factors for caries and periodontitis diseases, select individual home hygiene products, conduct controlled brushing of teeth with the patient, work out cleaning techniques and possible mistakes, give recommendations on the use of additional oral hygiene products (brushes, irrigators, etc.)

Stage 4 Professional hygiene with the help of the innovative Air flow Prophylaxis Master device of the Swiss brand EMS. The device uses a fine powder Air flow plus based on erythritol.

The size of erythritol granules is only 14 micrometers – this is 7 times less than the thickness of a human hair. These microscopic particles penetrate into the most inaccessible places and accurately remove biofilm from all surfaces of tooth enamel. The method provides 100% cleaning of the surfaces around orthodontic braces.

Stage 5 Perio flow technology cleans deep periodontal pockets gently and thoroughly, cleans the surface around the implants, prolonging their service life. The Perio method eliminates the risk of gum damage and the formation of scratches on the implant surface, provides easy access to any area and 100% removal of biofilm without damage.

Stage 6 painless and gentle removal of residual tartar using the minimally invasive PIEZON® PS nozzle from EMS on the supra-gingival and subgingival (to a depth of 10 mm) surfaces of teeth.

The PIEZON® PI nozzle from EMS is ideal for surface treatment of implants and composite restorations.

At the final stage a control examination with magnifying optics is carried out for the presence of residual biofilm. It is important to make sure that the tartar is completely removed, a thorough diagnosis of caries is carried out, because it cannot hide on perfectly clean teeth even in the initial stage, we also saturate the teeth with fluoride-containing preparations.

On the final stage we schedule the next appointment of the patient, taking into account the risk assessment, and give personal recommendations.

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