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PerioScan intelligent ultrasound machine

This is an innovative ultrasound device developed by the German company Sirona which allows not only to remove dental deposits but also to recognize them.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the device is based on the use of ultrasound — under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, the tip of the device scans the surface of the tooth under the gum, recognizes the type of dental deposits (biofilm or tartar), shows the degree of tartar deposits on the display. At the same time the device gives sound and color signals thanks to the built-in LED: in the presence of dental deposits, a blue indication occurs, in the absence of deposits, a green indication. In the presence of dental deposits, they are immediately removed without changing the tip. PerioScan allows you to remove dental deposits in hard-to-reach areas that are invisible to the dentist. This is a subgingival surface that is very difficult to clean from tartar. Thus, the device allows you to completely remove bacteria and tartar and effectively treat gum diseases. The procedure is considered completely painless and gentle due to the controlled linear movement of the tip parallel to the tooth surface. It does not cause microcracks on the enamel and allows the procedure to be performed without anesthesia. At the same time healthy periodontal tissues (tissues surrounding the tooth) are not damaged. The patient tolerates this procedure easily and it does not require much time.


Application areas

Professional teeth cleaning

Implantology (used when cleaning implants and orthopedic structures)

Endodontics (used when washing root canals)


Orthodontics (used for brushing teeth while wearing braces)




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