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KaVo DIAGNOcam diagnosis of caries

This is a device developed by the German company KaVo which is designed for laser diagnostics of «hidden» caries at the earliest stages of development without X-rays. A completely new level of diagnostics. It allows you to «shine through» teeth without exposing patients to X-ray radiation and to identify the most hidden stage of this disease when there are no signs of caries.


The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the KaVo DIAGNOcam device is based on the method of transillumination — bright through illumination of teeth. The device is a small-sized handle with a built-in digital camera at the end. The handle tip is connected to the computer via a cable. The method of transillumination consists in the fact that visible light is directed at the tooth, a digital camera captures a bright through-glow of the tooth tissues. In real time, the images are transmitted to the computer monitor screen. The tooth enamel in the picture looks like glass, and the carious lesions in the tooth are dark spots. Showing them to the patient, the dentist explains the essence of the proposed treatment.


When the study is conducted

At the initial reception

At a preventive reception

Before and after professional oral hygiene


Advantages of KaVo DIAGNOcam

Diagnosis of caries without X-ray irradiation (especially important for children and pregnant women)

High accuracy and reliability of the diagnosis of latent initial caries

The ability to determine the depth of penetration of caries and the volume of its lesion in 3D format

The possibility of determining fissure caries

Detection of microcracks of tooth enamel

Detection of secondary caries localized under the seal

Excellent visualization of plaque

The speed of the examination procedure (video examination of the entire jaw takes literally 2 minutes)

Timely diagnosis of the oral cavity will allow not only to detect caries in the early stages of development but also to carry out minimally invasive treatment.



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