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Dental microscopes

We do not treat «by eye», we treat with precision accuracy and under the full control of Karl Kaps and Carl Zeiss Extaro 300 dental microscopes.

With such powerful microscopes, the most inaccessible details to the human eye will not escape the doctor’s attention which allows to cure teeth with jewelry precision, solving dental problems of any degree of complexity.

High-quality endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is impossible without special optics. Our clinic uses a modern method of root system treatment using operating microscopes that magnify the object up to 25 times, which allows the dentist to see the anatomy of the root canals. Microscopic technique, combining the effects of magnification and powerful illumination of the surgical field, allows to perform root canal treatment under precise control and makes it possible to preserve even a severely destroyed and infected tooth.

The operating microscope significantly expands the capabilities of doctors both during the examination and directly during the treatment.


The use of a microscope is essential:

to extract nonresident bodies from root canals (broken endodontic instruments and metal pins)

to determine the location of the entrances to the root canals

to determine the number of root canals

to detect additional, hidden canals and their branches

for root canal preparation

for 3D obturation (three-dimensional filling) of root canals

for the extraction of old filling material

for the treatment of cysts and granulomas

for the detection of cracks in the tooth

The modern dental microscope has a wide range of possibilities: from greater efficiency of caries detection to a simplified process of tooth restoration.


Surgical microscopes are used not only in endodontics, but also in aesthetic dentistry, in dental surgery, as well as in microprosthetics.


A video camera built into microscopes allows patients to fully demonstrate the course of treatment.



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