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CompuDent STA computer anesthesia

The CompuDent STA device developed by the American company Milestone Scientific is a computerized STA injection system for local anesthesia of one tooth. This is an innovative technology for supplying an anesthetic solution in the field of local anesthesia which is successfully used in our clinic.


The STA injection system consists of three main components:

Computerized base unit

Special lightweight and ergonomic handpieces

Foot pedal


The computerized STA system includes a revolutionary dynamic pressure monitoring technology (DPS technology). The use of this technology simplifies the process of local anesthesia which was previously carried out practically without visual control. The STA injection system with DPS technology provides the dentist with feedback on the amount of pressure, on the needle reaching the optimal place of injection of the anesthetic, on the displacement of the needle from the optimal area through continuous visual and audio alerts in real time. Thus, the doctor fully controls the injection process.


 Advantages of the computerized STA system

— Injection Safety

— Full control of the anesthetic solution delivery rate when the needle moves inside the tissue

— Precise control of the amount of anesthetic administered individually for each patient

— Fast and simplified search for the optimal injection of an anesthetic solution thanks to DPS technology

— The procedure of local anesthesia is painless, effective and comfortable for the patient

— The possibility of using any anesthetic with a decrease in its dosage

— Absence of numbness of the lips, face and tongue due to the precise localization of anesthesia

— The introduction of the STA injection system instead of the traditional carpool syringe improves the quality of dental treatment.



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