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Polyatevich Lyudmila
Member of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship of Belarus
«Excellent dentistry with a staff of caring and highly professional people. Always know I am getting great dental services for which I am ready to come from another country.»


Chertina Victoria
Fashion TV Designer, Best Designer 2014
"My favorite dentistry. I feel at home here! The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, practicing the latest technologies in treatment, everything is fast and most importantly 24/7 which is very convenient. I highly recommend it to everyone."


Kosyakov Denis
actor, TV presenter, screenwriter, producer, showman, comedian
«My favorite dentistry! High quality service, excellent dental care and what is most important - you can come for treatment even at night, which is really great for an artist with a busy schedule!»


Yunusov Roman
Russian comedian and actor, resident of the Comedy Club
"I thank the clinic for taking care of my health and the health of my family for many years!
Modern technologies, professional doctors, comfortable environment, just like at home! "


Anastasia Glavatskikh
The singer, author and performer, finalist of the show "The Voice" on Channel 1
"I came to this wonderful clinic on the recommendation of a friend working in the film and music industry. Since then this is my favorite dental clinic! The highest professionalism, cozy atmosphere, new equipment and most importantly a very attentive approach to the patient! I fell in love with the team at first sight! I feel at home in this clinic and always leave them with beautiful teeth and a brilliant smile!"


Rysyuk Anastasia
The head of the fitness club and beauty salon Profistyle
"Came to this clinic 2 years ago and regularly visit to this day. I came to save 1 tooth and decided to save all my teeth by replacing the old fillings with ceramic restorations and installing ceramic veneers. The highest assessment of the work is compliments to my smile!
The clinic is in a modern style, with cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. The operating mode is almost round the clock. The professionalism of doctors constantly improving their qualifications, modern equipment, attention to detail and the mood of the client make this clinic 5 stars!"

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Aesthetic dentistry

Высокоэстетичные авторские виниры, щадящая обработка зубов, профессиональное отбеливание Zoom 4 Whitespeed, Beyond Polus

Dental prosthetics

Prosthetics can be fixed and removable. There is also a distinction between microprosthetics and prosthetics on implants.


During implantation the specialists of our clinic use only high-quality dental implants, such as Zimmer (USA), Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech (Switzerland), Bego Semados (Germany).

General dentistry

Команда из терапевтов, хирургов, ортопедов, ортодонтов и пародонтологов самого высокого уровня, помогут устранить все выявленные нарушения в полости рта

Correction of bite

Orthodontics gives us a chance to get the perfect bite: functionality when chewing, proper closing of teeth, harmonious aesthetics of the face.

Oral Surgery

Операции проводятся одними из самых прогрессивных специалистов в области хирургии и эстетической имплантологии с большим опытом работы

Laser dentistry

Laser is a unique tool that allows you to solve problems of the oral cavity at the cellular level

Hygiene and Diagnostics

Качественная гигиена и своевременная диагностика – залог здоровья Ваших зубов на долгие годы

Teeth whitening

We are using the most effective and gentle professional teeth whitening systems Zoom 4 White Speed Philips and Beyond Polus in our clinic

Children’s dentistry

It is very important to find common language with the child and make friends, talk in the language of children, preparing for dental treatment without screaming and stress.

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